Thank you for visiting the St Michael’s Meals website. We set out thinking we were going to try and love those in need. Turns out we were the ones who received love, we were the ones inspired! Our mission is to reflect the love of our Lord Jesus to the lost, the homeless, the sick and the elderly. We want you to journey with us. Our aim with  this website is to keep you updated on what we are doing, offer you an insight into the lives of those who are struggling, give a voice to those in need, and show you the practical ways that you can help. Do you have a talent like cooking? Do you have a skill? Can you donate some time, Can you contribute financially? Can you pray for us? Do you have any ideas? We want to hear from you! So, dear reader, welcome to this website. Our prayer is that, just like us, you too will be inspired!


Thanks to St Michael’s Meals we are able to look after our elderly, affectionately known as the Golden-Agers. On the first Friday of each month, we worship together then gather for a meal, sharing stories and laughter. These encounters give so much joy to our seniors and create a genuine sense of community.

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When someone is sick they can feel even more alone than ever. So we are committed to visiting the sick within our local community. We'll go to their homes on a weekly basis and to hospitals or nursings homes when necessary. We want to be able to provide comfort and care if there is no family support. Some need to be driven to medical appointments, while others might require help with their shopping or a hot meal on our visits. For “greater love has no one than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”. (Jn 15: 13)

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Feeding the hungry with God’s love

Mission statement

Members of St Michael's Meals treat others with unconditional positive regard,
listen to them with care and empathy, and are genuine in offering their services.

35: For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, 37: ‘Lord when did we see you hungry and fed you, or thirsty and gave you something to drink? 40: The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

- Feed the hungry with God’s love.

- Keep offering the homeless weekly meals and genuine friendship.

- Increase the number of the days the meals will be provided.

- Reach out to the elderly, the sick and those with special needs.

- Aim to open a centre to feed, house and clothe people on a regular basis.

- Create a mobile team to reach out and help the less fortunate. (Homeless, Hungry, Lonely, Elderly and the Sick).

St Michael’s Meals is a core group of dedicated parishioners of St Michael’s Melkite Catholic Cathedral. Every Wednesday evening, we head to Central Station in Sydney to feed the homeless. We have already built a trusting relationship with each other and with a large number of homeless. The relief, gratitude and friendship of the people we reach is our reward. No-one chooses to be on the street, we look into their eyes and see the person inside. When we feed the body, we are surely accessing the spirit! We know the regulars by name and even know their likes and dislikes. We know for sure that Each has a story and a number of reasons pushed them onto the street, therefore, we don’t ask “WHY” questions.

Angels network

Three categories of volunteers have enabled St Michael’s Meals to provide its weekly commitment
with the homeless at Central Station Sydney.


Food Angels

A group of committed volunteers who prepare homemade rich variety of food and deliver on Wednesdays afternoon to St Michael’s Cathedral


Outreach Angels

A group of empathetic volunteers who are committed to join weekly the convoy that transport the food. At Sydney Central Station they set up their tables where they display food, fruits, water, sweet and clothing. The volunteers who distribute have a welcoming attitude, high listening skills and noticeable warmth.


Support angels

This group represents the generous members, who offer their support whether financial or moral.

What do our
members say?

Randa Habelrih

9 / march / 2017

As always, when we return from our Wednesday night mission of feeding the homeless at Central Station, I feel that I received so much more than I gave. Last night Grant was absolutely thrilled to receive a fresh T shirt. Seeing his pure joy was heart warming and reminds me of just how much I take for granted. There is one lady who I make an extra effort to attend to. She is vegetarian, I always thought it was by choice, but last night she told me it's because she has cancer and cannot process meat or dairy, she is so thin and every week looks thinner. She is always so grateful for whatever she is offered, 2 weeks ago when I asked her if there is anything she needed, she asked if I had a spare pair of leggings (black tights). I went to K-Mart and bought her 2 pairs at $7 each. When I gave them to her she could not believe it, I was embarrassed by her thanks and gratitude over something that to me was no effort. She apologised for not coming last week to see us, as she was in hospital for treatment and is still very unwell. One man told Elias that last week there was a big PR event whereby local politicians cooked for them.


22 / february / 2017

The hardest thing about being homeless is sleeping in the park, yahoos coming by, cops coming by…and then sleeping at Central Railway Station. Every night the cops come and wake you up. You never get a good night’s sleep. The last three years have been the worst. Before I was working for a little while off and on. I’ve slept before at work. My work didn’t appreciate that when they found out. I used to sneak in at night. I and my wife borrowed money from sharks. I decided I marry for better and worse. A lot of people said ‘You are mad’ and a lot of people said, ‘I admire what you are doing.’ I had to look after my son. He is getting much better now. Not an easy life to be on the streets. You have to contend with a lot of different people. At times there are fights because of animosity. But you pick up good friends and you make different sorts of acquaintances. I’ve decided to now sleep on the trains. It has improved my sleep. Looking around me, life is not so bad. You know like wintertime is coming on again, that will be of course a harder time. Cold. Too much misery around me anyway so I try and smile as much as I can.


1 / march / 2019

It only takes something to go wrong or one miscalculation of money and you can end up as I am now. Because I was well off. And I must say that it’s a good thing, in a way, that you learn the other half because when you live in nice homes, have a nice car, you don’t realise what’s happening... A lot of people might say, ‘They [the homeless] are bludgers, they don’t want to work. They just want to live on the street.’ Maybe. But I tell you what, they have to be pretty hard to do it. Because I’ve only been on the street two months and I can tell you, you’ve got to be a brave person. I would like to thank all the people who have contributed good food. If it wasn’t for those good people, guess where we would be? In difficult circumstances. And you know what, you don’t have to pay for it. All you have to do is say thank you. And another thing, people should slow down. I’ll sing a little poem now. Sad old frog sitting on a log. Watch the world go by. Funny people human race, rush here rush there, get no grace. So don’t rush. I’d like to thank everybody out there serving food to the poor and homeless. Without you people where would we be? Thank you.”


28 / march / 2019

One guy had his phone taken and another his money as well. If you are on the street, you haven’t chosen to be there. Obviously, we’d choose to be somewhere more comfortable then on the side of the street where anyone could come up to you, people have problems. Even being angry or on the edge or just fed up, the way people talk to me, my decisions are different. So if you got food and stuff like that it does change the situation because we know that no one is alone. We’ve all had other people influence us. If someone is being nice to you or someone is threatening you it does change the situation. Even in the Word it says, ‘It’s the goodness of God that leads man to repentance.’ I’m really into Jesus and that makes me smile. God hasn’t made anyone to suffer. That’s why He sent Jesus. That’s His heart. He didn’t make anyone to miss out. I definitely need people around too. It’s [St. Michael’s meals] a good atmosphere. Everyone’s got problems. That’s life. But He is a blessing. Love is the greatest!


9 / march / 2017

Everything is tough, everything is tough if you don’t have work and you don’t have money. I had a job and I thought I would have it until I retired but I was made redundant. For me the most important thing is food. I have to scrape by for food and I don’t have enough money for food every fortnight after paying my rent. What makes me smile is the love and kindness of you people. You come every week to deal with our suffering and show us love and kindness and everything. I’m very grateful that you are here and I wait to come and see you.”

Roda Kanawati

16 / april / 2019

Sharing the love of Jesus with the Homeless It is hard to believe that three years have passed since a group from St Michael Cathedral met to discuss a way of helping the growing number of homeless in our society. Every Wednesday night our team of committed volunteers of all ages gather at Central Station, bringing with them a variety of homemade food, spread their tables and feed a large number of homeless. This weekly encounter has touched my life in many ways; not only did it create a special bond with the team, but also with our friends the needy, whom we know for the most by name and who labelled us “the best restaurant in town”. On weeks where there might be a shortage of food, God sends us plenty from the least expected sources. We all agree at “St Michael’s Meals” that at the end of the day we get much more than we give. It is always a very uplifting and rewarding encounter. Cannot wait for Wednesday to come…


“We give but receive so much more.”
“We create relationships that make a difference in both ways.”
“We exchange real affection and enjoy a new spirit of camaraderie.”

You too can support in many ways Reaching Out, Preparing Meals, Donating Money!!

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